HHIL 2015 Semifinals Update: DWR Stands Fourth on the Scoreboard

The Hero Hockey India League 2015 is seeing some of the best performances of field hockey in India where players from all around the globe have participated enthusiastically. The four teams who have qualified to play the semi-finals are the Delhi Waveriders, Jaypee Punjab Warriors, Ranchi Rays and Uttar Pradesh Wizards.

The Punjab team is leading the scoreboard with 35 points in their bag with 3 losses and 1 draw out of 10 matches played. This is followed by Ranchi Rays who too have secured 35 points with 2 losses and 2 draws. The third position has been held by the Uttar Pradesh Wizards with 32 points, having 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats. The Kalinga Lancers (fifth) with 21 points and Dabang Mumbai (sixth) with 15 points are out of the tournament.

The defending champions of HHIL 2014, the Delhi Waveriders, have won 3, lost 3 and settled for 4 draws with a total score of 25 in the league table. They are occupying the fourth position on the scoreboard.

With the above outcomes, the Delhi Waveriders have successfully made their way to the semi-finals of HHIL 2015 to be held today at Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in Delhi at 7 pm. The team will face the Jaypee Punjab Warriors! Don’t miss the match!

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