The Unforgettable Victory of HHIL 2014: Can DWR Do it Again?

Who can forget the roar of the 2014 Hero HIL Grand Finale at Ranchi’s Morabadi Stadium? The historical triumph of the team under the captaincy of Sardar Singh crowned us as the 2014 Hockey India League Champions. No wonder why Sardar Singh acclaims the title, ‘Sade Santnagar Di Shan’, meaning the pride of Santnagar, in his hometown in Haryana.

Our Team: A Concoction of Talents: Ours is a team nested with a blend of talents across all categories, Goal Keepers, Forwards, Mid-Fielders and Defenders. Of our 24 players, 14 are Indian while 10 members come from foreign terra firma, namely New Zealand, Australia, Spain, South Africa and Germany. The objective of this strategic selection is to assemble diverse hockey talents with varied backgrounds round the globe on a single platform, the Delhi WAVERIDERS.

Defending Champions & Our Preparation: Having won the 2014 Hero HIL Championship, WAVERIDERS is determined to leave no stone unturned to defend its current title. The team, to exhibit the best of the best hockey talents in the ongoing tournament, conducts regular practice and vigorous exercises.

In the words of Sardar Singh, “Our preparations are in full swing. Being the defending champions, our prime aim will be to play a good game in the semifinal and the final of the HHIL 2015 to retain the title.”

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